spartans serving spartans

It is that time of the year again and this year, Spartans Serving Spartans is more important than ever! This is the perfect opportunity to give back to your community. This is not limited to CI families either. Please encourage EVERYONE to participate. We encourage you to involve your children in selecting items for these fellow Spartans in need. Teaching children empathy and generosity are important life skills. If you are able to help the students in need at Central Intermediate and their siblings, please click the link below to sign up for items.

YELLOW: Some available spots
RED: Has the most spots available

*You will notice the color code on the top. This page will be monitored and updated frequently to help sort who has the most needs/wants that have not been met.

These items will need to be delivered to CI by Friday, December 9th. Please make sure to bring the items UNWRAPPED and labeled with a sticky note with the assigned number/letter. This helps tremendously with sorting.

Your help and generosity is greatly appreciated! Thank you!