bps transportation

An important message from BPS Transportation:

There are two routes which must be modified for Friday, 2/3 due to road conditions, Route 15 and Route 7. Please see below for details.  These changes are for AM only. All PM routes will run as normal.

Route 15  CE/CI & Secondary Routes:

  • All Bixhoma Lake area students on top of the mountain will need to catch the bus at the E 181st St S and 158th East Ave intersection at:
    • CE/CI 6:50 AM 
    • Secondary 8:10 AM
  • Students picked up at 17405 S Garnett Road will be picked up via BPS suburban at normal stop times.
  • Students picked up at 17919 S Mingo Road  will need to ride Bus 7 at: 
    • CE/CI 7:18 AM
    • Secondary 8:23 AM
  • Students in the Woodland Acres subdivision will need to ride Bus 7 at Mingo Road at:
    •  CE/CI 7:19 AM
    • Secondary 8:24 AM
  • Students residing in the Saker Neighborhood will need to catch the bus at S 88th E Ave and E 170th Pl intersection. No other stops will be serviced. Stop times:
    • CE/CI 7:10 AM
    • Secondary 8:20 AM 

Route 7 CE/CI & Secondary routes

  • Students residing in the Deer Run Estates neighborhood will need to catch the bus at  the 183rd St S and 129th E Ave. at:
    • CE/CI 7:00 AM
    • Secondary 8:05 AM
  • All Champ Johnson Road students will need to be picked up at 129th E Ave and 191st St S intersection at:
    • CE/CI 7:10 AM
    • Secondary 8:15 AM

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Thank you,

BPS Transportation