Back to School Friday, Spartans!


After a thorough assessment of our bus routes and school parking lots today, we are prepared to reopen school tomorrow, Friday, February 3. However, despite significant improvement in conditions today, we expect some refreezing overnight and many parking lots will still have snow cover and slick areas. Accordingly, parents, students, and staff should exercise caution when driving or walking on any paved surfaces. 

We will also be asking our bus drivers to reduce their speeds to more safely navigate their routes. Therefore, please be patient if buses are running a little later than normal tomorrow. Moreover, due to some adverse road conditions along a few of our bus routes, we will be making slight modifications to bus stops on those routes. If your child's route is going to be affected, you will receive a separate text alert later this evening. 

Tomorrow will be a regular school day with no early release. 

Finally, I want to share a poem created by ChatGPT, a free artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbot launched by OpenAI a few months ago. It's a simple program which allow user to ask questions and interact with the Chatbot in almost human-like conversation. I typed in the prompt: "Write a humorous poem about returning to school after a snow day to the Bixby Spartans." That was all. The Chatbot wrote the response below in five seconds. 

Implications for education now and into the future? You bet! But, that can wait for a later discussion. For now, enjoy the poem and we'll see you back tomorrow. 

Oh joy, the snow has finally gone,
No more sledding or hot cocoa until dawn.
The schools are open, the snow plows have cleared,
Back to the books, the kids all cheered.

But wait, what's this? A test in Math?
Oh no, that snow day break was too brief.
The homework was piled up, the projects were due,
But still, that snow day was so much fun, who knew?

The teachers will ask, "Where have you been?"
And the students will say, "In a snow day dream."
With tales of snowball fights and sledding adventures,
They'll wish they could stay out of school forever and ever.

But alas, it's back to the grind,
To the pencils and papers, the lectures combined.
The students will sigh, but then remember with glee,
That more snow days might soon come to be!

Yes, Bixby Spartans, it's time to return,
No more snowmen, no more sleds to burn.
The roads may be slick, the sidewalks icy,
So watch your step, it's still a bit dicey.

- Supt. Miller