A Message from Supt. Miller: State Football Game

This Friday night, Loren Montgomery and his talented group of coaches will lead our Spartan Football team to the program’s NINTH consecutive 6A state championship game. This is a phenomenal accomplishment which speaks to the sustained quality of the entire program.

To be clear, the consistent level of excellence exhibited by our Spartan football team is not an accident. It is the direct result of intentional, coordinated efforts of numerous individuals over many years to embed a culture of commitment, dedication, and high expectations. 

The seeds of success for this year’s team were planted years earlier by our wonderful youth football programs and volunteer coaches. These elements were nourished with our year-round strength and conditioning programs and camps, nurtured by our visionary athletic department leaders, and supported by our outstanding sports medicine team. The roots of this program are also firmly grounded in the team’s long-time focus on character development, leadership, and personal accountability.

Of course, we should acknowledge the many BHS students who attend our games to support their peers. From our award-winning Pride of Bixby band, to our incredible cheer and dance athletes, to our JROTC color guard, our talented choir students, and our vocal and spirited student fans, it is clear that our Bixby students value and appreciate their friends on the field … and that respect flows both ways.

Likewise, we have an amazing community that fills the stands every game to cheer on our Spartans. When we’re at home, our dedicated band parents staff our concession stands and help clean our stadium after games. Our many business partners are fully invested in Spartan athletics and help ensure we have the resources to compete at the highest level. 

Our football booster parents are also second to none. These hard-working moms and dads dedicate hundreds of hours each year to support our athletes - from fundraising, providing equipment, and serving team dinners - to manning the inflatable Spartan helmet everywhere our Spartans go.

I know many of you are excited to travel to UCO in Edmond to support our team as they pursue another gold ball trophy. As always, I am highly confident that our coaches will have our Spartans well-prepared to compete. 

As the designated home team, we will enjoy the benefits of being on the larger side of the stadium. I look forward to standing on the sidelines and hearing the roar of our fans when our boys run onto the field and whenever we have a great play. I know that our team thrives on this positive and enthusiastic support. On their behalf, thank you!

Of course, win or lose, I hope we all remember to treat all participants, to include the referees and opposing fans, players, and coaches, with grace, respect, and good sportsmanship. Everyone on the field has worked hard to earn the privilege of participating in this game and will be giving their best effort. I am certain that our Spartans will model appropriate enthusiasm, composure, and decorum, whatever the outcome.

Thank you all for your strong support of our students and our school district. This is a wonderful community and we have much for which to be proud. If you’re traveling to the game, please drive safely and enjoy the great evening. I’ll see you there!

Go Spartans - let’s bring home the Gold!

Supt Miller