supt message

Spartan families,

Getting information in a large district can sometimes be intimidating or frustrating. Generally, I believe that the best place to address questions or concerns is at the lowest level capable of investigating and resolving those issues. Accordingly, I always encourage direct communications with teachers, coaches, principals, or site administrators when possible. 

However, I recognize there are times when a parent, BPS staff member, or community patron may wish to connect directly with someone at the district office or with me. For this reason, the district has posted a new and easy avenue by which this contact can be made. You will find a new “button” just under the banner on our website for you to access any time!


This form allows you to submit any needs, questions, concerns OR celebrations which you wish to share or that may require additional action. Based on your indicated preference, I will respond personally to provide any information you need or connect you with the appropriate BPS staff member to provide assistance. 

Upon your form submission, an email will be automatically sent to me and Jessica Jernegan, our Director of School and Community Engagement. In some cases, Ms. Jernegan may be the first to respond to you, but I will follow up as soon as possible. 

In order to ensure I can respond in a timely manner, I am unable to respond to solicitations of any product or service. Individuals wishing to share this type of information with me should use my regular email at

For urgent matters and other issues needing an immediate response, please contact the district office at 918.366.2200. 

Thank you, 

Rob Miller