4th Annual Legislative Night

B-I-X-B-Y! We have much to cheer about!

Monday, January 28th, Bixby PLAC & Bixby Education Association hosted our 4th Annual Legislative Advocacy Night! All of Bixby's legislative representatives were in attendance for the first time! Spartans at the Capitol and Spartans Vote have made an immeasurable impact.

The 2018 Legislative Session was one of major progress, including a long-awaited pay raise for teachers and support staff, continued movement away from solely test-based accountability and “one size fits few” curriculum to more focus on innovation and individualization, and heightened awareness across Oklahoma on the negative effects of funding cuts over the past six years.

Speaking of cheering, you won't want to miss the Spartan Cheerleaders' full routine that got the crowd pumped up for the 2019 Session! Check out the video of the evening’s event here.

What do we foresee coming up in the 2019 Session?

Although 2018 was a year of progress, there is still much to be done! We are still advocating for increased per-pupil funding, lower class sizes, wrap-around services for kids, and teacher/support staff pay that is highly competitive. With thousands of bills filed and hundreds of those relating to education, it will be interesting to see which make it through the committee process and become part of our advocacy efforts this year. Some major topics indicated thus far include:

  • Increased funding for education

  • Focus on class size and teacher recruitment

  • More accountability for virtual charter schools

  • Consolidation for small or dependent districts

  • Division of districts over 20,000

  • Reading Sufficiency Act - ensure grade level students are promoted

  • Appointment of State Superintendent by Governor

  • Change age cutoff to start school from September 1 to July 1

  • Reduction of election day options for bond and board elections

  • Require 60% instructional costs: Address coding and local needs

  • Medical marijuana and impacts on employment, possession on campus, etc.

How can you stay up-to-date?

To stay up-to-date with the on-goings of education advocacy and in contact with reps:

Make sure you don’t miss an election:

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice! Join us as we continue the movement and work toward a better Oklahoma for all kids!

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