Bixby Central Elementary Kindergarten Teachers receive 2018 BEEF grant.

The Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation (BEEF) is honored to award over $82,600 in teacher grants to Bixby’s teachers this school year. BEEF grants aim to support innovative educational projects, promoting excellence in all areas of learning across all grade levels within Bixby schools. Through the contributions of Bixby’s community businesses and citizens, BEEF has awarded over $1.6 million in teacher grants and scholarships since its inception.

BEEF 2018 Teacher Grant Recipients:

Bixby High School
Julie Jankowski - “Photography + Students = Success!”
Tory Kraus - “CPR in School”
Laura Brewer, Meagan Ayres, Sharla Burgess, Jordan Cox, Doan Nguyen - “Laboratory Probeware”
Gerald Davenport & Laura Brewer - “Computer-based Equipment for the Physics Lab”
Gayla Grovenburg & Carolyn Kalla - “Let’s Speak, Record and Listen!”

9th Grade Center
BJ McBride - “Academic Team Buzzers”
Tamara Yeldell - “Incorporating More Inquire, Biotechnology and STEM”
Kim O’Brien - “Lights, Cameras, Action!”

Middle School
Toni Ross & Tiffany McGrew - “Spotlights for Fine Arts”

Central Intermediate
Merrill Newell - “Chromebooks for Accelerated Math Programs”
Pam Jones - “Makerspace in the Media Center”
Brandy Owens - “Choral Risers and Safety Rails”
Lucresha Baxter & Tammie Baty - “iPads”

Central Elementary
Julie Lacy, Alison Beach, Wendye Coupe, John Foreman, Tess Henderson, Emily Long, Rhonda McCracken, Chelsea Stamm, Shelley Sumler - “Pads for Peeps!”
Jody Hamilton - “Wiggle and Wobble”
Rebecca Jones - “More of a Good Thing in the Music Room”

North Intermediate
Kathy Gillam - “Classroom Technology in an Accelerated Math Classroom”
Carole Clagg - “Classroom Technology in a Math Classroom”
Lacey Graham - “Media Center Makerspace”
Aurora Williams - “Science and the Living Systems”

North Elementary
Suzi McMahan, Stephanie Stoll, Robyn Dunham, Janine Mendoza, Joyce Flynn - “Listen and Learn!”
Amber Flowers, Shannon Burns, Sherry Davenport, Sharla Dibiase, Cindy Dyson, Tricia Gruenwald, Charlene Robertson - “Book Sets for the 2nd Grade Classrooms”

Northeast Intermediate
Amber Anaya - “We Need a (Sp)hero”
Kim Moore - “5th Grade Book Room”
Pam Stevenson - “Uke Can Do It!”

Northeast Elementary
Lori Cole - “Do You Hear What I Hear?”
Kayte Weinacht, Rachel Calvin, Lori Cole - “Full STEAM Ahead in the Early Childhood Classroom”
Dawn Dout - “Handwriting Without Tears”
Jenny Mason - “Give a Helping Hand”
Victoria Frisella - “Flash Masters”

To learn more about the Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation or for information on donating to the organization’s 2018 Century Club campaign to help provide grants and scholarships for Bixby’s students and teachers, please visit