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Dear 6th Grade Parents-

Many of you have questions regarding which math course to select for your child to take next year in 7th grade.  We hope to clear up any confusion and answer all of your questions!  Please see the math default tracks in the chart below:

Current 6th Grade Course:

Default 7th Grade Math Placement:

6th Grade Math

7th Grade Math

Intermediate Math


Accelerated Math

Algebra I

Pre-Algebra and Algebra are offered to students in 7th grade who excel in mathematics, have an understanding of advanced math concepts, and work at an accelerated pace.  Some 6th graders, due to previous achievement on math placement tests, have already been placed on an advanced math track and are currently enrolled in “Intermediate Math” or “Accelerated Math”.  However, regardless of which math course your child is currently taking, he/she has the opportunity to take a placement test for an advanced course.  For example, students currently enrolled in Intermediate Math may take the Algebra I placement test.  Students currently taking 6th grade math may take the placement test for Pre-Algebra.  Students must earn an 80% or higher on the course placement test in order to qualify for placement in the course.

Please note; if your child qualifies for Pre-Algebra or Algebra, he/she will be skipping up to two years of math curriculum.  Also, the advanced math classes taken in middle school will not earn high school math credit.  These students are still required to take 3 years of math in high school to meet graduation requirements.

If you would like your child to take an advanced math placement test to determine if enrollment in advanced math is appropriate for his/her 22-23 7th grade math placement, please complete THIS FORM by May 6, 2022.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Accelerated Math Coordinator Kathy Gilliam at

Thank you!