April EdMom

Congratulations to Bixby Public School's April Educator of the Month, Mary Poston, third grade teacher from West Elementary! Mary makes every child feel acknowledged and cared for in her classroom. Upon walking into her classroom, one would see her on the floor helping a student with a science project, sitting next to a student talking them through emotions that are too big for them to handle themselves, or at her teacher table where she meets every student where they are and helps them move forward. This year especially, she has demonstrated her great love for her students. She has a student who has been through much in his life. He was angry and destructive in years past; however, this year is different. This year he knows his teacher cares for him, loves him, and most importantly won’t give up on him. Her impact of her care for this student has resulted in big changes to this student’s life. He now knows and acknowledges his feelings and how his actions affect others. His life is positively changed because of the love and effort Mary has shown him this year. This is just one example of the many lives she has changed as students step into the four walls of her classroom. She is an amazing coworker who is always there to provide an idea, help when needed, and share new teaching strategies. She is also responsible for the vision and love behind the new Bixby West Garden and the district-wide sister garden project. Her passion for making learning memorable, meaningful, and purposeful is contagious. Even with five children at home, she is still present with her class and her coworkers very day. The impact of her presence has not gone unnoticed. She is an inspiration to everyone around her!