Bixby High School Educator Named Oklahoma High School Principal of the Year

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 29, 2022) – Terry Adams, Principal at Bixby High School, has been named the Oklahoma High School Principal of the Year by the Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals (OASSP), a professional association of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA).

As principal of Bixby High School, Adams has facilitated a culture of well-being, safety and belonging. In addition to ensuring strong academic outcomes, Bixby staff are committed to teaching, reinforcing and rewarding positive behaviors. As a result, Bixby High School has been a Great Expectations Model School for four years, the only high school in the state with this designation.

“Bixby Schools is very proud of Terry Adams' selection,” said Rob Miller, superintendent of Bixby Public Schools. “Now in his tenth year with Bixby Schools, Mr. Adams has established himself as a thoughtful and committed school leader focused on the success of all students at Bixby High School.  Terry has elevated graduation rates, expanded college and career opportunities, increased AP offerings and National Merit Scholarships, and strongly promoted athletic, academic, and extracurricular opportunities and success. Despite the significant challenges faced by school leaders over the past few years, Mr. Adams has remained a positive and proactive administrator who supports his teachers and maintains a forward-looking school culture.”

Under his leadership, Bixby High School is actively expanding opportunities for students to explore various career options, internships, work-study programs, and concurrent enrollment. Over the past two years, BHS has created a partnership with Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT) to bring introductory courses to the Bixby campus (starting in 2022-2023) that students may take for concurrent credit. Bixby also has vibrant programs in Marine Corps JROTC as well as expanded programs in Agriculture which appeal to students seeking leadership and vocational skills. Nearly 90 percent of Bixby High Schools students are involved in one or more athletic or extracurricular organizations in addition to their regular course loads.

Dr. Pam Deering, CCOSA executive director said, “Terry Adams is clearly focused on ensuring a welcoming and engaging environment for high school students. Because of his work, students have access to numerous academic and extra-curricular opportunities and are ready to face their college and career endeavors. I congratulate him for this well-deserved honor as the OASSP High School Principal of the Year.”

Junior student Raegan Hula appreciates the ways Mr. Adams encourages positivity. “I have never seen Mr. Adams in the school hallways without a smile on his face, giving out fist-bumps and hellos to everyone,” Hula said. “He respects all students in our school which in turn means the students respect him. This is very encouraging, because it helps me understand I am loved and seen in my school. The staff members have no reason to go out of their way to befriend students, but under the leadership of Mr. Adams it is no surprise our amazing staff do so.”

Tracy Roberson, a Bixby High School parent, explains, “Mr. Adams’ leadership style is what makes him the perfect recipient of your award, as he embodies what all schools strive for--a caring, committed leader who makes coming to school not only academically educational, but a fun and exciting place to learn by example.”

“I am honored and humbled to be named the 2022 OASSP High School Principal of the Year,” said Adams. “As principal at Bixby High School, I have had the privilege to work alongside an incredible team of dedicated and passionate educators including teachers, support staff, counselors, and assistant principals. Our collective mission is to provide our students with academic and extracurricular opportunities that unlock the potential for every Spartan graduate to pursue the path they aspire to, whether it be college, career, or military service. The students at Bixby High School are outstanding, and when paired with a supportive community, the opportunities for success are realized regularly. I see daily reminders of the power of public education and continue to be encouraged and inspired by those with whom I work. There are many outstanding Oklahoma High School principals, and I am extremely proud to be recognized for this award.”

“Oklahoma school communities rely on principals for providing the best opportunities for students. The role of the principal is pivotal in cultivating healthy learning environments,” said William Parker, OASSP executive director. “Terry Adams is an example of the hard work, dedication, and excellence principals across the state are providing to their schools. We are proud to recognize him for his service to his school community and as a role model for all Oklahoma school leaders.”

Adams will be recognized as the Oklahoma High School Principal of the Year by CCOSA and OASSP at the CCOSA Summer Leadership Conference in June 2022. He will also be recognized by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and will be eligible to become one of three finalists to be named as contenders for the National Principal of the Year award. A judging panel will choose finalists based on their written applications, data provided and letters of recommendation, according to the National Association for Secondary School Principals.

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