January Educator of the Month

Congratulations to Bixby Public School's January 2022 Educator of the Month, Mrs. Katie Blackford, Spanish teacher from Bixby Middle School. Since Mrs. Blackford has joined the middle school team, she has re-established a consistent and progressive approach to teaching World Languages. Language acquisition is a skill that requires multiple levels of approach, unique processes differentiating content, and well-established safe environment treatment of all students. Mrs. Blackford’s classroom purposefully creates an environment for students to “try” without negative consequences while also researching cultural knowledge to better understand language from a cultural perspective. Mrs. Blackford also provides opportunities for students to experience traditions in other cultures that are recognizable and similar to our own. From a lesson like this, students’ understanding and acceptance of culture can grow. Mrs. Blackford has also incorporated technology into her course to make the world feel a little bit smaller and connected. We appreciate Mrs. Blackford's great contribution to educational success!