Supt. Message

Spartans, as you are likely aware, the latest COVID variant is surging in our community. The increase in positive cases among our staff could begin to impact our ability to safely and effectively conduct school in-person at any time. Our current case counts are higher than the totals for any of the three previous months and will likely surpass the counts for August and September in the next few days.

This information is not meant to alarm anyone. Rather, it is a recognition that this current spread of Omicron is more rapid than any variants we’ve previously experienced. Therefore, the potential for staffing shortages that might impact school operations is becoming more acute each day.

We are monitoring our numbers very closely and as we’ve learned, things can change very quickly. It’s important we work together to be as prepared as we can be for a possible pivot to Distance Learning. While any transitions would be expected to be much shorter in duration than what we experienced last year, the accelerated rate of increases may result in more rapid transitions to distance learning, with announcements possibly given with less than 24 hours notice. 

Our site and district staff are working closely to ensure we are ready for a smooth and effective transition to distance learning if the need arises. Likewise, we encourage families to review their plans for the care and supervision of their children if these decisions have to be made. 

The information below is being provided to address some of the details associated with a possible school closure and transition to distance learning and what you can do to ensure your family is prepared. 


  • Should the district need to make a pivot to Distance Learning, families will be notified via text, email, and mobile app. 

  • Local news outlets will be notified as well.

  • Principals and/or teachers would then follow up with site/classroom specific details relative to schedules, devices, meals, etc.

What can families do to proactively prepare for a possible pivot to Distance Learning?

  • All families should review the Distance Learning Guide and daily schedule for their student’s grade level. Those guides can be accessed here:

  • Review the options/locations for free wi-fi access throughout our community if needed.

  • Remember, all things Technology Support at BPS can be accessed here.

  • Prepare a plan for childcare if needed.

Specifics for Students in Grades PK-6:

  • Chromebooks:

    • District platforms (Google Classroom & Clever) are web-based and can be accessed from a multitude of devices. iPads, traditional laptops, etc. will all suffice. 

    • Devices are limited, therefore we ask that only families truly in need of a Chromebook during distance learning complete the paperwork.

    • For students who need a school-provided device, PK-6 families should ensure they have requested a Chromebook.

    • Chromebook paperwork and insurance options must be completed each school year. Please contact your school site office with any questions related to this process. 

    • For the district to be as prepared as possible, we ask that any families needing to complete this process do so by Monday, Jan. 10.

  • For students in grades PK-6, a day of Brick to Click, the bridge to Distance Learning, may be necessary to allow for Chromebook checkout to take place. Please visit here to review Brick to Click details!

Most importantly, remember we are here to support our students and families. Please feel free to reach out to your school site or our district office if we can be of any assistance.

Thank you,

Rob Miller