Transportation Update

8/17 Update:

Spartans, please see below for an update and a couple of important reminders from transportation.

  • Please make sure you have downloaded the Ride 360 App!
  • Notification of bus delays will come through the Ride 360 App as a push notification.
  • Emergency notifications will come via text message through the regular district channel.
  • GPS tracking feature will become available later this fall.
  • Thank you for your patience!

Additionally, if you have filled out the support request, we have worked through the majority of those and you should have updated information in the Ride 360 app.

Thank you again for your patience!

8/15 Update:


Please see below for a quick update from our Transportation Department! 

Our transportation team is working as hard and as quickly as they can to work through support requests relative to Ride 360, our new app!

We understand there are some families who are still in need of transportation information. Please see here for a comprehensive list of bus numbers, routes, stops, and schedules. We are providing these lists for the time being but will not continue to do so in the future.

It is very important for families to utilize the Ride 360 app or create an online account as this is how notifications will be sent and buses can be tracked. This also ensures we have all students who will be riding a bus in our system. Please make every effort to create an online account or download the app. Those instructions can be found here.

Please contact our Transportation Department via this support form if you are in need of assistance. If you have completed this form previously, we have resolved the majority of those issues, so please check your app for updated route information.

We regret the challenges some of you may be experiencing with this new platform. We will continue to work to resolve these issues. Once fully implemented, we're confident this new system will be a great resource for families.

Have a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing your student this week!