March Educator of the Month

Please join us in congratulating Melissa Kannady, music teacher from North Elementary, as Bixby’s March Educator of the Month. She is a dynamic member of our school’s team. Her enthusiasm, kindness, and passion for teaching are always a delight to see. Melissa is always the first to volunteer to help with recess, car duties, and setting up for special events. She often volunteers to help before a need has been realized. She works to inspire her students and in doing so she is an inspiration to all of us who work with her each day. When working with students, she always offers them acceptance and grace. Melissa is able to reach a troubled or struggling student with empathy and kindness while still challenging them to do their best. Likewise, she can challenge the brightest students to learn something new. Melissa teaches her students to work hard to achieve their goals and to respect others. Melissa Kannady exemplifies all the qualities of Educator of the Month.