2020-2021 BPS Support Staff of the Year

The support professionals we have the pleasure of calling Spartans are truly exceptional. Those listed below were honored this year by their peers as the Support Professional of the Year for their school site/department. Although this is a phenomenal group, it's a small representation of the amazing individuals who choose to serve BPS in vital roles every day! They are a HUGE part of the reason why BPS is the best place to teach and learn!

Check out the video below to hear all about why this year's honorees are so very deserving of this recognition!

Congratulations to:

Central ElementaryJulia WatsonJulia is hardworking and never backs down to a challenge. Problem-solving is something that Julia does instinctively. She thinks about what "might" happen and looks for a solution. She doesn't hesitate to take care of issues that arise in the office with logical and thoughtful solutions. Most importantly... she CARES! She cares that our CE staff members have what they need to be successful and makes them feel special.
East ElementaryCassandra BrownEast would agree that Cassandra is one of the best things to happen to their school. She is a hard worker and has a contagiously kind attitude, even when we are asking her to clean up messes that only elementary kids could create. Cassandra is dedicated to ensuring East Elementary is well kept and sanitary. In the challenges that covid has presented, Cassandra's efficiency and attention to detail have contributed to ensuring the welfare and safety of our students and staff.
North ElementaryMichael TurleyMike takes his job very seriously. He takes pride in creating a safe, clean, and healthy environment for our staff and students at North Elementary. He is always willing to do anything asked of him, with a smile on his face. Mike goes above and beyond his job duties, including helping children with their food/drinks in the cafeteria and being thoughtful of other staff members. He does everything with a servant's heart and we are so glad he is with us at North Elementary!
West ElementarySade
Sade Snow is the epitome of compassion, love, and kindness. Ms. Sade, as her students lovingly refer to her, is a special education paraprofessional with a heart of gold. Sade is a safe place for students to turn to when they become frustrated with academic work or have friendship issues. Sade has a way of helping students believe in themselves and their capabilities so that they can continue to grow at school. She has a can-do attitude and is not afraid of hard work. She is dedicated and loving. Sade is the kind of friend any person would want for both her students and her coworkers.
Central IntermediateRachael ConstienMrs. Constien, the site secretary at CI keeps the building running smoothly each day! The joy she brings to the office with her wonderful sense of humor and wit is appreciated by all. She wears many hats, including tiaras with some regularity, and when she's gone, the CI staff has learned just how much she does for us. Most of all, we appreciate her student-centered mindset.
East IntermediateMike OwensMr. Mike Owens has very quickly become an integral member of the East Intermediate family. One teacher shared that Mr. Mike is the most helpful, considerate, kind support employee they have ever encountered. Another teacher shared that Mr. Mike is always willing to lend a hand if someone needs help! Others reiterated just how very deserving he is of this recognition, explaining that he does a phenomenal job caring for the building and staff needs. He is always doing a wonderful job of checking classroom cleanliness and responding when needed.
North IntermediateNicole WilliamsNicole Williams is the Attendance Secretary at Bixby North Intermediate; however, like most of our front office staff, her job title doesn't begin to encompass the many hats that she wears. She not only tends to the attendance responsibilities of maintaining accurate documentation, but she also fosters positive relationships with our families and goes the extra mile to check on them and ensure that needs are communicated and met. She seamlessly juggles many tasks assisting teachers and organizing events such as school pictures and fundraisers and proactively has something done before even asked about it!
West IntermediateLeann CrowellLeann has been an asset to our district for many years, and has kept Mrs. Shaw in line for ten of those! She is truly a blessing to those who know and work alongside her.
Middle SchoolHarmony InbodyHarmony Inbody has a deep care for the students and staff she works with every day. Her friendly, humorous love for teaching is evident from the moment she greets students on the bus, to the moment they get back on the bus going home. Bixby Middle School is lucky to benefit from her steadfast determination and teacher spirit.
9th Grade CenterCindy GibsonCindy is always willing to jump in on any given task to help assist. She is such a great team player and is much appreciated by all of the 9GC staff.
Bixby Learning CenterJeanette CongerMrs. J as her students call her is caring and compassionate. She goes above and beyond to make connections with her students. Additionally, she is always available to help organize school events and adds much positivity to the school culture at BLC!
High SchoolNancy JacksonNancy Jackson works as the attendance clerk for Bixby High School. Nancy is hard-working and displays a proud Spartan Spirit that has made her the anchor of the front office staff at BHS! The role of the attendance clerk at a large high school is a difficult job, often underappreciated position, requiring many different skills including intrapersonal skills, patience, and attention to detail. Nancy displays all these characteristics and more, demonstrating daily the pride she has for her job and her school.
Maintenance & FacilitiesClint KilgoreClint has gone above and beyond his role as the HVAC Assistant for our Facilities and Maintenance Department. He has helped out in multiple areas when asked, putting in many hours outside his contract time to ensure that issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. He always has a smile on his face and is very professional when dealing with our staff members.
TransportationPaula McClendonAlthough Paula has only been with our transportation for less than a year, she has already made a huge impact on not only on her colleagues but also with parents and students. She has excellent attendance and an attitude to match!
Technology & AdministrationLaura DeWoodyLaura DeWoody exemplifies so many admirable qualities: kindness, patience, selflessness, and decisiveness. She manages all of the inventory, repairs, and student needs regarding Chromebooks in the district, and she never gets flustered, impatient, or grouchy! She continually inspires her colleagues to excel and to keep growing in character. When faced with hundreds (literally hundreds) of tasks that need to be done, she systematically addresses each task with excellence. She's never too busy to listen to a colleague, parent, or student who has a need, and she has earned the trust of many. Laura provides so much value to our school district and community. We truly could not serve the needs of our students, teachers, and families without her!
Child NutritionSheila HallettSheila is hard-working, always maintains a positive attitude, and has been willing to step in anywhere she was needed in a year that presented many challenges. She is a very valuable member of our child nutrition team.