February Educator of the Month

Please join us in congratulating Shelly Stringer from Bixby High School, our February 2021 Educator of the Month. Mrs. Stringer has been the most fascinating educator to learn from. She exceedingly demonstrates classroom management comprehension and proficiency. Her classroom expectations of staying on task and being a team are clear; she allocates time some of her students require for transitions and has a profound understanding of working with students in Special Education. She values her paraprofessionals and encourages their growth professionally and personally. Her clear insight and affable nature aid in certified and support staff feeling supported and respected. All her students know how immensely important they are to her and they know what their lives, success in school, and their independence in the future mean to her. She has taught them why it is important to value these things as well. To see her calming nature in effect when disruptive behaviors occur is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She knows exactly what tactics to use and what is required to continue with the least interruption, and she has successfully deescalated situations that were potentially dangerous. It is evident that Mrs. Stringer is dedicated to strengthening her catalog of skills, teaching others how to practice new skills, and using her experience to mentor enthusiastically. She has a wealth of tools in her toolbox, information that she  adds to, driven by her own motivation and passion for teaching. She is more than willing to share techniques and resources so the support staff can help students in the most effective way because she understands our more vulnerable students and the barriers they face in school settings. The contribution of Mrs. Stringer’s teaching style and openness directly benefit the students in our district and will continue to trickle down for the improvement of the best interest of our Special Education students. Her compassion and genuineness, demonstrated through her interaction teaching students of varied abilities, exemplifies what all parents hope for in their students’ teacher. Shelly Stringer’s thoughtful approach to leadership is inspiring, and she has so many innovative ideas of how to best serve the students she works with.