Thank You, Health Care Heroes!

Do you see it, Spartans?! The light at the end of the tunnel?!

It's getting brighter and brighter each day! This week, all BPS employees had the opportunity to become vaccinated!

We would like to thank Total Wellness for partnering with our district to make this happen!

Also, many of our community partners made it possible for us to spoil our #healthcareheroes and volunteers with a fully stocked hospitality room!

Thank you to Window World for sponsoring a wonderful Savastano's Pizzeria lunch! Also, a huge shoutout to Doc's Country Mart for supplying snacks and beverages to keep everyone going!

Thank you to all of our district staff who took time out of their day to volunteer!

Finally, thank you to our school community for engaging in a day of distance learning to make all of this possible!

It's a great day to be a Spartan!