Jan EotM

Congratulations to Ashley Tevis and Trish Waller, our Bixby Public Schools Jaunary Educators of the Month! 

Trish and Ashley have worked together this year to develop and implement an amazing 6th grade virtual experience for the SCA students. Their virtual students have been truly blessed throughout this difficult time! Each and everyday Trish and Ashley hold a virtual Spartan StartUp with their students to help the students feel connected. During these Google Meets, they share information with their students and host games and contests to keep the kids excited about logging in and learning. Also, they have both taken the time to deliver prizes to their student’s homes. They host regular office hours but have also been available to their students during the evenings, weekends, and holidays. Behind the scenes, they have spent countless hours finding supplemental materials for their students and sharing it to their Google Classrooms to ensure their students understand and are successful. They have explored and shared a variety of virtual platforms with their in-person colleagues which is a great help in times of distance learning. Trish and Ashley truly embody what it means to be a teacher, and they show that they have the best interests of their students at heart in all they do.