January Board of Education Meeting: Special Recognition

Community Partner Award: Staying true to their mission of impacting communities around them, Transformation Church shocked BPS with a surprise $50,000 donation to our schools. We learned of this donation when it was shared on social media and thought it might be too good to be true. We were wrong. It IS true and it will make a difference for BPS families for years to come. Honoring the heart of this mission, BPS plans to set these funds aside to use as needed for struggling families. This donation will make an impact in ways we as a school district are normally unable. Thank you, Transformation Church for this incredible example of generosity.

Spartan Spirit Award: Presented to Mrs. Tina Francis, the Spartan Spirit Award goes to those who exhibit the heart and soul of what it means to be a Spartan. Earlier this semester when our Spartan Connection Academy, unfortunately, lost its director due to a family emergency, Mrs. Francis was quick to jump in with a “how can I help?” She then took on the role of helping manage 3,100+ courses and the 900+ students enrolled in Spartan Connection Academy. This is of course, on top of her already full-time job as an Assistant Principal at BHS. Thank you, Mrs. Francis, for your can-do spirit and willingness to jump in and help make sure our students are served!

Spartan Coin of Excellence: Presented only to students and staff achieving major feats and accomplishments, this month’s round goes to our All-State Honorees in Band and Vocal Music. An honor that is much distinguished in a normal year takes on a whole new meaning in the midst of a global pandemic. These students have improvised and re-tooled to reinvent what sharing your talent looks like in a time when a normal audience isn’t possible. Soon, they will perform their talents with peers from all over the state in a first-time VIRTUAL All-State event. We couldn’t be more proud of their talents and achievements, but most of all, their perseverance.

All-State Choir: Aubrey McNiel, Sophia Gray, and Kara Kannady

All-State Band: Levi Radford, Kayla Adams, Enna Hussin, Peter McManus, Tresa Briggs, Wyatt Hass, Isaac Haas, Logan Tanner, Erin Shealy, Colt Johnson, & Matthew Kirk

All-State Jazz Band: Isaac Haas, Colt Johnson