2020 BEEF Teacher Grant Recipients

To help promote and implement innovative educational programs through Bixby schools, the Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation (BEEF) awarded over $80,000 in 2020 teacher grants to Bixby teachers across all eleven campuses. Grants were awarded in December by BEEF President Terri Paxton and Superintendent Rob Miller, in addition to several BEEF board members and interns.

BEEF teacher grants are made possible by people and businesses throughout the Bixby community. Built on the vision of George Brown, one time CEO of Citizens Security Bank (Mabrey Bank), the Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation began in 1969. Since becoming a 501(c)(3) organization in 2000, BEEF has awarded almost 1.9 million dollars in grants and scholarships to Bixby Public Schools. 

Bixby High School
Julie Jankowski (Art) - “Heating Up Creative Creations”
Jeremy Parker, Geoffrey Anikienko (Band)- “Technically Sound”

Bixby 9th Grade Center
Doug Behrens (Track) - “Run For Your Life!”
Bob DeCelle, Tiffany Shepherd, Jaime Snyder - “TI-84 Graphing Calculators for Algebra and Geometry Classes”
Kyle Kachelmeyer - “Technological Based Expansion of Science Exams for Bixby 9GC”
Kimberly O'Brien - “Fit Freshman Flourish!”

Bixby Middle School
Toni Ross (Drama) - “Stage Lighting”
Heather Howell (SPED) - “Bloom Where You Are Planted: Growth Mindset”

Bixby Central Intermediate
Martha Highland (Art) - “Stop Motion Animation”
Rebecca Jones (Music) - “Setting the Bar High at CI”

Bixby Central Elementary
Jenaan Suleiman, Earline Moore (K-3) - Reading in Motion
Earline Moore (K-3) - Expanding Phonics with "Secret Stories"
Rebecca Jones (Music) - Drummin' Up the Fun (Funded by Doc’s Country Mart)

Bixby East Intermediate
Trisha Banks (Art) - Techno Art

Bixby East Elementary
Lundy Morrison (SPED) - Elementary Folder Games Library for Reading and Math
Jessica Thornton (Speech) - I See, I Say: Expanding Oral and Written Expression
Jessica Thornton (Speech) - Chatter Chairs
Jessica Thornton (Speech) - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Pam Stevenson, Jordan Butler (Music/Art) - Starts With the Arts: Connecting Children's Literature to Fine Arts Classrooms

Bixby North Intermediate
Jessica Perkins (Media Center)- iPads for Maker Space
Melissa Lytle (SPED) - Spartan Garden

Bixby North Elementary
Rachel Cavin (PreK) - Learning Literacy and Math Through Play!
Stephanie Parker, Carman Cole, Erin Lovitt, Laura Joice, Shannon Jaquez, Shelly Musser, Leann Leu (1st) - If You Build It, They Will Learn!
Sara Mitchell, Marcy Gaines, Stefani Mica, Dana Watson, Andrea Freeman, Cindy DeLay, Lisa West, Samantha Dernbach (3rd) - 3rd Graders are Rooted in Reading

Bixby West Elementary
Lisa White, Cristina Abbott, Rhonda McCracken (PreK) - Sensory Makes Sense
Breanne Cooper, Allison Liang, Neely Scully (K) - Light Table Manipulative
Neely Scully, Allison Liang (K) - Light Up Learning (Light Table)
Wendye Coupe, Tess Henderson, Breanne Cooper, Neely Scully, Allison Liang (K) - Light Table Learning
Tess Henderson, Wendye Coupe, Breanne Cooper, Neely Scully, Allison Liang (K) - Reading is Fun
Tess Henderson, Wendye Coupe, Breanne Cooper, Neely Scully, Allison Liang (K) - I Love Reading
Linda Hays, Paige Kinnamon, Kim Cornelison, Courtney Snapp, Meghan Barry (3rd) - Chapter Book Deep Dive Genre Book Study
Miki Bray, Erin Bergeret (PE) - WE Physical Education Equipment

Bixby West Elementary & Intermediate
Katherine Robinson, Melody Lavender (PreK-6th) - Inclusive Play for West Essential and Concepts Class

Bixby West Intermediate
Delana McManus, Traci Morris (5th) - Let's Read!  Novel Studies for 5th Graders!

All Bixby Intermediates
Amber Flowers, Jamie Balthis, Brandon Cross, Allison Gardner, Leanne Pyles, Kristin Rodriguez (6th) - 6th Grade Science Foss Kits

If you would like to support Bixby schools, teachers, and students through future grants, please consider donating to BEEF’s annual Century Club campaign. Mabrey Bank matches Century Club donations up to $15,000 every year - a goal BEEF has reached for the last 34 years! Century Club donations may be made online at https://tinyurl.com/bixbyBEEF, or for information on how to mail a donation, please visit https://www.bixbyps.org/page/beef-foundation.