11/29/2020: Live Video Update

Q & A from the Live Update:

Will anything change for virtual students enrolled in Spartan Connection Academy? How can families return to in person or enroll in SCA should they decide to do so? SCA students will continue as they have all semester. More information to come in the next few weeks relative to the transition for families who have decided to return to in person in January.

How will semester tests and finals be handled? Individual decisions based on teacher discretion/plans. Families should expect communications from teachers and site principals soon.

Will Tulsa Tech be in session? For the time being they are in session. Students should check for communications from Tulsa Tech regarding any changes. BPS transportation service to Tulsa Tech will continue.

How will BPS address the needs to students on an IEP? Sped teachers will continue to communicate with their caseloads. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or our Director of Special Education, Janice Rogers at jrogers@bixbyps.org.

How will students who can’t do school during the day participate? Teachers are aware and will work with families to provide this support and flexibility related to assignments and participation. We are here to help so please communicate with us on how we can best support your child.

When is Winter Break? 12/21-1/1. Our school calendar can be found here.

Will student activities/practices continue? Yes, for in-season sports only at this time.

What is the difference between Brick to Click and Distance Learning?