Nov EoM

Please join us in congratulating Kendra Spoon, a behavior coach at Bixby West Intermediate School, as the November 2020 District Employee of the Month! Kendra is new to the BPS family this year. Her sweet spirit and loving heart make her the perfect person to have the behavior tech position. Kendra believes in restorative disciplines and works with students in a kind and loving way filled with respect. Her background is with little children, but she has transitioned beautifully to working with the older students. So many have grown to already love her. She’s so willing to help out wherever she is needed, and the students rely on her when they need a break, a kind word, or a smile throughout the day. While the counselor has been on quarantine, Kendra has stepped in to help run the Coffee Shop groups, as well as work closely with other students in need. Kendra is the epitome of who one would want working with his/her child if they were struggling. She’s always smiling and has a ready word of encouragement for everyone she meets-child or adult. West Intermediate is truly blessed to have her on their team!