One of the best days of the year for Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation? Grant Patrol Day!!!

Every year the Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation (BEEF) awards teacher grants to Bixby’s teachers, following their mission to support innovative educational programs to stimulate thought and expand the existing curriculum. This school year, BEEF funded over $68,000 in teacher grants to Bixby’s teachers across all school campuses. Grants were awarded via BEEF’s “Grant Patrol” in November with BEEF Board Members, Superintendent Rob Miller, and Assistant Superintendent Lydia Wilson honoring teachers in their classrooms with an oversized check, a Payday candy bar, and the money to bring their grant to life!

Since its inception, BEEF has awarded over $1.8 million in teacher grants and scholarships thanks to donations from Bixby’s community businesses and citizens through their annual Century Club campaign. If you would like to help provide future grants to promote excellence in learning across all of Bixby’s schools, please consider making a donation. Donations may be made online at, or for information on how to mail a donation, please visit

BEEF 2019 Teacher Grant Recipients:

Bixby High School
Dr. Heidi Jenkins - "Creative Makerspace in the BHS Library"

Bixby 9th Grade Center
Kim O’Brien - “Virtually Real”
Matt Barnett, Cathy Peters - "Cooking in the Classroom"

Bixby Middle School
Cassie Hamilton - “3D in STEAM!”
Katy Blair - “Accessing Resources in a 21st Century Library”

Bixby Central Elementary
Julie Lacy, Alison Beach, Breanne Cooper, Wendye Coupe, Katie Gallamore, Tess Henderson, Emily Long, Rhonda McCracken, Chelsea Stamm - “Manipulatives Are Fun to Explore With”
Crystal Whelan, Ashley Griffin, Stacey Sharp, Leslie Ward, Barbara Colwell - "CE SPED Student Touch Screen Chromebooks"
Rebecca Jones - “Engaging Music Making for All”

Bixby Central Intermediate
Lucresha Baxter, Alisson Gresham, Max Hammontree, Trisa Scott - "Chromebook Access for CI SPED"
Barbara Nuetzmann - “Google Drawing Self Portraits”
Brandy Kopichanski - “Social-Emotional Drums for CI”

Bixby North Elementary
Shannon Burns, Cindy Dyson, Tricia Gruenwald, Sara Mitchell, Charlene Robertson - “Readers are Leaders: Putting Diverse Books in the Hands of 2nd Graders”
Caroline Nichols, Sherry Davenport - “Functional Skills Curriculum”
Caroline Nichols - “Don't Walk in the Hallway, Use a Sensory Path”

Bixby North Intermediate
Nicole Brown - “iPads for Music”
Melissa Lytle - “Versa Tiles”
Aurora Williams - “FOSS Earth and Sun Next Generation”
Kristin Clouser, Brooke Puckett - “Wrap Room”

Bixby Northeast Elementary
Kayte Weinacht, Lori Cole, Rachel Cavin - “Go Go Dendrites!”
Pam Stevenson - “Play is Instrumental”
Gigi Barnett - “Supporting and Teaching Sensory Regulation for Elementary Students”

Bixby Northeast Intermediate
Heather Bowman - “Social Studies and Science Kits”
Trisha Banks - Wonders of Weaving”

For more photos of the 2019 Teacher Grant recipients and stories about their grants being utilized in the classroom throughout the school year, follow BEEF on Facebook or Instagram (@bixby_beef_foundation)!