PLC's in Action: BCE

Student data, Veteran's Celebrations, the Woot Woot Wagon, OH MY! What can these things possibly have in common?! CE PLC's, of course!

As we traveled from room to room this Friday visiting each grade level along the way we saw teachers working to make sure kids are being intensively remediated in their area of need and that checking in with them on progress is happening at the appropriate frequency. Further down the hall, we caught up with our 3rd-grade teachers discussing celebrations, and our Kindergarten teachers discussing how to get our youngest spartans engaged in celebrating our Veterans! Our special education teachers discussed the logistics of collaborating with classroom teachers on student grades and meeting the individual needs of each student.

Finally, we made it to Pre-K where we caught up with the Woot Woot Wagon! Who doesn't need a treat on Friday afternoon after a FUN (long) week of HOCO celebrating?!

Once again, we are more confident than ever that BPS is the best place to teach and learn!