Heart Screenings Provided by ATS: 9/28

Dear Parents,

We want to remind you that ATS HeartCheck is coming to Bixby on Sept. 28th to provide comprehensive heart screenings at the discounted rate of $129 to youth ages 8 and older. Being proactive has proven to save lives with early detection of dangerous heart conditions. Testing includes an EKG, blood pressure and echocardiogram (heart ultrasound). The normal cost for these tests would exceed $1,500, if done in the hospital or doctor’s office.   

Appointments are offered on a First Come-First Serve basis and pre-registration is required by visiting the ATS HeartCheck website Discounted pricing is available for those that qualify and can be requested on the ATS website as well.

 If you have questions about this opportunity, contact Athletic Testing Solutions TODAY at info@AthleticTestingSolutions.com or  (888) 862-8518