PLC’s in Action: BHS & BLC

It’s Friday and that means PLC’s this afternoon for BPS. Our featured schools this week are BHS and BLC. 

Staff at BLC gathered around our phenomenal, Cheryl Wilkinson as ICAP was the focus the of the conversation. Cheryl articulated that our goal is to formulate a process that’s genuine. Instead of just another box to check, ICAP at BPS will result in a tangible portfolio that is individually representative of each student’s secondary career, providing them with a truly helpful tool as they enter the workforce or post-secondary education. 

At BHS, our staff enjoyed guest speaker Tom Cody in their professional development session. His message: school culture matters! He spoke to the importance of making sure every student and every teacher knows, they matter! The power of positivity and the premise that attitude is a choice are his keys to success. 

Bixby Public Schools is committed to being the best place to teach and learn. Our PLC’s are an absolutely essential in that effort.