PLC's: Collaboration is Key

We often get the questions: What are PLC’s? What do teachers do on Fridays after students are dismissed?

As students are dismissed an hour early, our teachers meet in PLC’s (Professional Learning Communities). Our district professional learning communities are formed and organized to achieve one end:  improved student learning. We believe that the utilization of collaboration and shared-decision making among and with professional educators at all levels of our district provides the key to successful learning.

What happens during these 60 minutes? The short answer is, whatever it takes to make sure every student’s needs are being met. Sometimes this means reviewing data and placing students in groups based on their academic needs. Other times, this may be professional development for our teachers in an area they have identified as a focus. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more with our community about this process and the amazing things happening in PLC’s across the district.

Today, we caught up with grade level PLC’s at BNI where our teams are working hard to sort students into the flexible learning groups they will attend over the next few weeks. These groups are tailored to individual needs as students are placed based on assessment data and teacher expertise to make sure they are right where they need to be.