Welcome Back Rally 2019!

Welcome Back 2019 was chock full of every possible emotion yesterday. 

As the drum line entered from the back of the room, everyone rose to their feet with excitement for the new year. One just can't help but feel inspired in a room filled with difference makers and the kids they serve!

Gratitude filled our hearts as TTCU and Bridge the Gap presented donations that will go directly to our classrooms. 

Profound sorrow alongside a sense of renewed purpose took over as Mr. Miller shared his "Story of Steve." Every classroom will undoubtedly welcome at least one “Steve” as school begins next week. It’s our responsibility, one that weighs very heavily on the heart of educators, to ask the ever important question, “What can I do to help?” 

Dr. Marcia Tate filled us with newfound confidence in solid classroom management strategies to take us into the new year, and finally... 

Sweet, sweet happiness. The kind that only presents itself with a perfectly-timed afternoon snack! Not Your Grandma's Cupcakes arrived with sweet treats to end our day on a gleeful note! 

We are thrilled to embark on another year-long adventure and can't wait to see students in a few short days. 

OH! And how could we forget?! Mr. Miller had a FEVER! The type only cured by a long time staple present at every Spartan Football game, the cowbell. There is video. It is epic. It's coming your way soon!

Happy New Year, Spartans! It’s going to be our best yet! Stay tuned...