Tobacco/Vaping Policy: Important Update

Bixby Parents & Community Patrons,

With student safety always a top priority, and changes in Oklahoma law, Bixby Public Schools’ policy regarding tobacco and vaping on our campuses has changed.

We are deeply concerned about the growing health epidemic related to vaping among teens. In the past year alone, vaping among high schoolers has increased 78% nationally!

Everyone needs to remember:

  1. Bixby Public Schools will maintain a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the use of tobacco and vaping products.

  2. This policy applies to all BPS campuses, facilities, vehicles, and school-sponsored events. It even pertains to adults: no one can use tobacco or vaping products on school property or at ANY school event.

  3. Consequences will be fairly and consistently enforced.

BPS Administrators have been collaborating with experts in the field to address the issue of vaping at school. We are confident our updated policy implemented through consistent procedures and robust consequences will bring huge improvement. Principals will be advising students and parents on these updates as school begins.

Student safety is our number one priority, so we intend to participate in ongoing conversations with students and their families about keeping kids safe and healthy at school. We appreciate your cooperation and support with this critically important issue.


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