Calling All Business Owners: Join Us May 12th!

Did you know you can save up to $100K on taxes with GO 4 Bixby?

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to save without sacrificing quality or productivity. Contributing to GO for Bixby is a powerful way your business can enjoy meaningful savings on your tax bill and support education in your community! 

What is GO for Bixby? A program to benefit the entire Bixby community through our schools.

GO for Bixby…

  • Cultivates every student’s potential and puts them on the path for success.

  • Creates an incremental, new funding source for teachers and schools.

  • Keeps funds in our community, leading to economic and workforce growth.

  • Allows Oklahoma taxpayers to earn valuable tax credits.

Join us for an exclusive workshop for business owners to learn how your business can turn your Oklahoma state income tax liability into support for Bixby Public Schools.

When is the workshop? Friday, May 12, 2023 at 8:30 AM at THE HUB in Bixby.

Presented by The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce, Bixby Public Schools and GO for Bixby.

Next Steps…

With your support, we can strengthen our schools and serve the needs and aspirations of the entire Bixby community!

We hope to see you at the workshop where you can learn more!