Bixby Teacher Perspective....In Their Words

Culture, you can feel it the moment you enter a school building. It's unique to each school site and collectively forms the shape of a district. At Bixby, one word seems to come up quite frequently: community. Here's a snapshot of what Bixby teachers have to say about why Bixby is the best place to teach and learn!

"Bixby Public Schools and the entire community promote a positive and inclusive environment for students with special needs. As a special education teacher, this is very important to me. I am fully supported by my fellow teachers and administration in implementing new ideas, activities, and curriculum into my special education classroom. I am proud to work in a district where all students are valued as individuals and where my coworkers share an interest in these special students."
- Michelle Spillars, Middle School, Special Education B.E.A.R. Program

"Bixby is the perfect size. It's small enough to be heard and a make a difference, but large enough to have many options and resources. The parents in this community are incredibly supportive. The administration has open door policies and responds quickly. The school staff is super helpful and close-knit. This place feels like home and gives me the chance to actually make a difference in my building and with my students."
- Jennifer Phenicie, 9th Grade Center, Freshman English

"I love the administration, staff, PTO, and parent support I have received. BPS is a community that works in the best interest of the students, parents, and staff. As a teacher, I feel respected. I'm thankful for the autonomy I have as a professional to implement my skills. This enables me to accomplish teaching the state and district standards while creating an enjoyable safe environment for my students."
- Donna Emberton, Central Elementary, 2nd Grade

"I started my teaching career at Bixby and 28 years later as I look toward retirement I can't think of a better place to have worked. Throughout my years in this district, I have also been supported by the administration and by my peers. Coming to work was always something I looked forward to because when you work for Bixby Public Schools it's like working with family."
- Robyn Tally, North Intermediate, 4th Grade

"The reason I absolutely love teaching in Bixby is because of such wonderful community support. Our families and businesses are always so willing to support our schools."

- Stephanie Parker, North Elementary, First Grade

"I love that I have the support of my administration to think outside the box and try innovative approaches to teaching music and lead a staff."
- Jeremy Parker, High School, Band Director

"Bixby Public Schools is situated in a community that rallies around its schools, and the outcome is AMAZING. All students in this district have teachers, administrators, and community members cheering them on to success. It is a blessing to work with professionals who are overwhelmingly student-focused and collaborate together to accomplish our common goal: helping students to build a legacy through integrity of mind and action."
- Cheryl Wilkinson, High School, Director of Educational Technology 

"I love teaching in Bixby Public Schools because it is the heart of the community. I meet so many kids and families at school that really make me feel like an integral part of the city. Families with school-aged children in Bixby Public Schools often choose to stay in Bixby from elementary school through high school graduation because of the many opportunities offered through Bixby Public Schools. Having taught many siblings of prior students, I easily connect with several families in Bixby. Parents, students, principals, and teachers really make life-long relationships through the schools. It is an honor to work for this district and an absolute pleasure teaching Bixby’s kids!"
- Brandy Owens, Central Intermediate, Music

"The most unique thing about teaching in Bixby is that we are able to provide a big education with a small-town feel. BPS has the privilege of offering cutting edge technology, highly qualified staff members, and impactful resources to all students while still being able to invest personally in students and their families."
- Kristyn King, Central Intermediate, 5th Grade