Alternative Education

The Bixby Learning Center, an alternative education center, is designed to provide instruction for the non-traditional student. Available for students in grades 6-12, Bixby's alternative program is non-punitive with the flexibility of direct classroom and computerized instruction to assist students who are at-risk of dropping out of school or in need of significant credit recovery. Students must apply and meet at-risk criteria for available openings. Enrolled students must meet district requirements for graduation credits as well as other district policies, such as attendance and discipline.

For questions regarding Alternative, please contact Daniel Deitz, Director, at (918) 366-2353.


Counselors in the district have a wide range of responsibilities. Bixby Public Schools has state certified counselors at each school site to provide academic guidance and emotional support as well as student scheduling and crisis intervention. Students may see counselors through self-referral or teacher/parent referral. Crisis Response Team is a school-based early warning, rapid response prevention program designed to identify the potential for aggression in schools. This program is comprised of:

  • A Crisis Response Coordinator, whose responsibility is to be immediately available to students and families when a problem is identified, is employed in the district.

Counseling services are increased on BPS campuses through the support of an additional full time counselor and psychologists contracted for seeing identified students. These professionals work with building counselors, administrators, and teachers to provide quality mental health support for students and their families.

For more information regarding counseling services, contact the specific site counselor available at each site, the Crisis Response Coordinate, Megan Brown, at (918)366-2204, Lydia Wilson, Assistant Superintendent at (918) 366-2240, or Jamie Milligan, Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction (918) 366-2298.