Bixby Public Schools believes in the importance of keeping a safe and caring learning environment. The most important tool in achieving safe and secure school remains alert eyes and ears. Real safety is achieved when an atmosphere exists in which students are comfortable talking with adults about their issues and concern.

While plans differ slightly at each school site - due mainly to differences in building designs - principals have stepped up efforts to raise awareness of safety - as well as the visibility of School Resource Officers. Officers work directly with students, parents, teachers and staff in assisting with education, prevention, and intervention projects.

This priority for a safe and secure campus is addressed in several ways.

School Resource Officers: BPS works with the City of Bixby to have two full time School Resource Officers (SROs) on campus. These officers are Bixby Police Department Employees, knowing both the school and community well.

School Nurses: Five registered nurses are employed across campus, to assist with routine medical issues, emergency situations, as well as crisis needs.

Security Cameras/Patrolling: Considerable resources have been used to have security cameras at sites and on busses. Additionally, off-hour security patrols are in place.

Security Doors at Sites: In 2007, BPS added security doors at each grade level, requiring visitors to pass through secured doors prior to admittance to the building.

Safety Committees: The State of Oklahoma requires that each school have a safety committee to meet no less than each semester, to address concerns for that site. This committee must include parents and interested community members.

Site Counselors: BPS has school counselors at each site, exceeding the recommended ratio of 450 per counselor.

Additional Counseling Services: Counseling services are increased on BPS campuses through the support of an additional full time counselor and psychologists contracted for seeing identified students. The professionals work with building counselors, administrators and teachers to provide quality mental health support for students and their families.

Connect Ed Communication: Immediate communication with parents is available through the district's Connect Ed phone system. Administrators can contact ever provided phone number for every parent/guardian within minutes.

Crisis Management Team: A team of school personnel are involved in preparation for crises that may occur on our campus or have a major impact on our students and/or staff. The Crisis Team has training on various issues both in planning and to improve the effectiveness of its members during a crisis. This team is supported by an extended group of professionals from the mental health community, available when needed.

Drug Education & Prevention: Bixby Public Schools is committed to providing students with education on substance abuse and offer programs preventing substance abuse. Canine education and detection services are employed at all sites, focusing specifically on the middle and high schools. Students are involved in a variety of programs, including 2Much 2Lose, asserting the dangers of underage drinking, and GradFest, a drug-alcohol free after graduation party.

Emergency Planning & Drills: An Emergency Procedure Guide is published each year for all staff, identifying a variety of emergency situations and how they are to be handled. Additionally, each year, the district requires more emergency drills than is required by the state. BPS requires four fire drills, two tornado drills, and two lock-down drills annually. The local police and fire department are involved at various times.

Emergency Planning between City and Schools: These two entities work together for emergency planning, including evacuation plans, should district sites need to be evacuated at any time.

Faculty/Staff/Parent/Student Training: Bixby Public Schools has undertaken an initiative for consistent training of all faculty and staff across the district in Crisis Management. additionally, community education offerings are provided on current topics, such as internet safety.

GPS Tracking in Transportation: All transportation vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, to allow for location of any vehicle at any time.

Radios: Bixby school administrators and police department have coordinated hand radios that allow for immediate communication in the event of an emergency.

A sense of belonging: The goal of BPS is to create an environment where students have a sense of belonging. A "New to Bixby" meeting is held each August at the High School for students new to the district, to make them aware of other new faces as well as extracurricular offerings in the district.

To achieve the goal of a safe and caring learning environment, the school and community must work together. For questions regarding School Safety & Security, please contact Lydia Wilson, Assistant Superintendent at (918) 366.2240.