PLEASE NOTE: The enrollment center does not obtain your required documents for you. We only request a student's cumulative file from the previous school to be sent to their new school building after a student is enrolled, therefore you must bring in your student's required documents, such as birth certificate & immunization record, at the time of enrollment.

  • Legal guardian's valid driver's license or valid state issued picture ID or passport.

  • State issued birth certificate (hospital cert cannot be accepted).
    Tulsa Health Department, Vital Records •5051 S 129th E Ave Tulsa, OK• (918) 582-9355

  • Current immunization record. These must be complete or we cannot enroll the student. All 7th graders must have the Tdap booster shot before enrolling. Contact your family doctor/pediatrician or the health dept. to obtain this important information. Click Here for Required Immunizations.

  • 2 proofs of residency (these must include the correct service address & legal resident's name). The school district ONLY accepts 2 out of 3 choices: current utility bills from water, gas or electric. If the resident has not accrued a bill yet then contact your utility office & ask them to send you or the Enrollment Center proof of your account. If you are on a lease & the lease contains one or more utilities, the district will accept the lease as proof for the number of utilities it holds but will still need another one if the lease contains only one. The correct legal resident's name & student's names must be in the lease as living at the address, as well. If you live in the district but do not have utilities in your name then you & the legal resident you reside with will need to fill out an Attorney in Fact as proof of residence.

  • Withdrawal form with exit grades from the student's previous school (During the School Year Only). Please obtain this from the school before you come to the enrollment center. Students cannot be enrolled in two schools at the same time and our counselors need to see the exit grades to better assist students in assigning their class schedules.

  • Secondary Students/7th through 12th Grade: Course Request forms must be filled out by each incoming secondary student. The course forms and guides are available in the drop-down menu on the left side of this page. Please contact your school counselor after you've completed enrollment to schedule an appointment and set up your student's classes. The OSSAA eligibility forms are available in the Enrollment Center and must be completed for any new secondary student.

  • Legal Documents: Please provide legal documents that pertain to the well being of your student(s) such as divorce and/or custody/guardianship documents. If an adult has been appointed legal guardian per DHS or the court, you must provide these documents as well.