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Enrollment Information for New Students

Important Dates

January 22nd, 2024: Pre-K enrollment for the 2024-25 school year @ midnight. 

March 1st, 2024, The Last day to be included in the lottery

Week of March 8th, 2024: Pre-K placements will be made via a lottery system

No later than March 29th, 2024: Communication of placement and/or waitlist will be sent to all Pre-K families via email

May 1st: New student enrollment for grades K-12 opens each year for the following school year

2024-2025 School Year

Requirements for Enrollment at BPS

One of the following must apply:

Family is an established “Resident” in the district: Parent/Guardian rents or owns a home in the BPS district and produces two acceptable bills (water, gas, electric, contract with bills paid) in their own names.

Open transfer application is approved into the district. Capacity allows for entry or parent/guardian is an employee of BPS which allows student transfer. Visit for more information.

A valid “Attorney In Fact” document: Parent/Guardian lives with someone who rents or owns a home in the BPS district and produces two acceptable bills in the resident’s name as well as the parent/guardian’s name.

Students qualify as homeless, or students are foster children of an employee, or were former residents of Bixby just prior to the foster placement.

Documents Required for All New Student Enrollment

State Issued- Birth Certificate

Driver’s license or state-issued ID or passport of a parent or legal guardian

Current, up-to-date immunization records; or a completed and signed exemption form. See here for details.

Two proofs of residency: water, gas, or electric. The document must show the service address and name of the parent/legal guardian.

Any applicable legal documents relative to custody or guardianship

Any applicable documents or IEP related to special services provided at the former district

Enrollment Process

  • Enrollment can be completed on any electronic device, including a cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.

  • PowerSchool Enrollment will collect basic student demographic information, parental and emergency contact information, and health information that will be entered into our PowerSchool student database.

  • Enrollment cannot be accepted until all required enrollment forms are completed and required documents are turned in.

  1. Gather: all of your required documents, either upload them onto your computer or you may take a photo of them on your mobile device or iPad. 

  1. Complete: the online enrollment process by clicking the New Student Enrollment link above.  You will need to create an account with a username and password.

  1. Upload: or take a photo of the required documents.  Please take all photos over the top of the document (bird's eye view), review the picture to ensure that it is not blurry and is easily legible.  Documents that cannot be read will be deleted and the parent/guardian will receive an email to resubmit the document.

  1. Contact: once all documents and the online forms have been reviewed the Enrollment Center will email the parent/guardian confirming your child's enrollment.

Registration Information for Returning Students

24-25 Important Dates

Current Grades Pre-K-5

March 25th - April 26th, 2024: Returning student registration for the 2024-25 school year will be open

Current Grades 6-11

Complete registration along with the upcoming course request process. Site counselors will communicate details.


May 24th, 2024: Any students with incomplete registration will be deactivated in PowerSchool and NOT enrolled for the 2024-25 school year

Attorney In Fact Process

Attorney In Fact: When completing an attorney in fact the parent guardian: “delegates to the attorney‐in‐fact all of my power and authority regarding the care, custody, and property of each minor child named above, including but not limited to the right to enroll the child in school, inspect and obtain copies of education records and other records concerning the child, the right to attend school activities and other functions concerning the child, and the right to give or withhold any consent or waiver with respect to school activities, medical and dental treatment, and any other activity, function or treatment that may concern the child.  This delegation shall not include the power or authority to consent to marriage or adoption of the child, the performance or inducement of an abortion on or for the child, or the termination of parental rights to the child.”

  • Both the legal resident & parent must visit the Enrollment Center to fill out the Attorney in Fact & the enrollment coordinator will notarize the document at that time.

  • AIF documents must be completed prior to the beginning of each school year, or upon enrollment, and are valid for one school year only.

  • The Bixby resident who accepts power of attorney for the children living with them must be on the school Emergency Contact list with their current contact information.

  • If AIF is determined to be false during a school year, the child will be withdrawn and will not be eligible for renewal until the next school year.

Required Documents:

  • Legal resident: Provide 2 proofs of residency, and a driver’s  license or state-issued ID or passport

  • Parent/guardian: name must be added to two utility bills (electric, gas, or water), driver's license, or the state-issued ID or passport of the parent or legal guardian.

  • If renting & all or 1 bill is included in the lease, we will accept a lease as 1 proof or for both proofs, if both are paid via the lease

Following initial approval, each year moving forward, families will seek enrollment status for the next school year in one of two ways: 

  • Families could provide proof of residence in the district to change their status from AIF to resident. 

  • Families could sign a new AIF with the legal resident and provide two utility bills showing both the homeowner’s name and the parent/guardian’s name.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I complete the enrollment and/or registration process in person?

    • Yes, to use a computer in the Enrollment Center, please arrive by 3:00 pm to have time to complete the process. We are located at 7 E. Dawes in downtown Bixby.

  • Who can enroll a student at BPS?

    • ONLY a legal guardian (parent(s) or court-appointed legal guardian) may/can enroll a student. Legal guardians must bring in a valid driver's license or a valid state-issued picture ID or passport. Step-parents, grandparents, friends, or other family members are not allowed to enroll students.

  • How do I obtain an acceptable copy of my child’s birth certificate?

    • To obtain an OK birth certificate go to Vital Records (a division of Tulsa County Health Dept.) located at 5051 South 129th East Ave., 8:30 am-4 pm, (918) 595-4300, the average cost is $20.00 each, cash, check, or money order only.

  • Will my child’s school records be transferred to BPS?

    • Yes, upon approved enrollment, the enrollment center will request a student's cumulative file from the previous school to be sent to their new school building after a student is enrolled

    • PLEASE NOTE: The enrollment center does not obtain your required documents for you therefore you must bring in your student's required documents, such as a birth certificate & immunization record or a completed and signed exemption form at the time of enrollment.

  • We just moved and I do not have any utility bills yet, how can I prove residency?

    • Please obtain proof of your new account directly from 2 of the utility company choices or print proof of your new account from the company’s websites; again, these all must show the service address and legal resident’s name.

  • Where can I find information/clarification on required immunizations?

    • For school enrollment, a parent or guardian shall provide one of the following:  

      • Current, up-to-date immunization records; or  

      • A completed and signed exemption form. Students who will not receive their 4/5-year-old immunizations until this spring/summer may still enroll early. But, enrollment will not be complete until updated immunizations are turned in to the Enrollment Center. If students' updated immunizations are not turned in by August 1, the student will be withdrawn and lose their "spot" in PK. If a PK/K student's birthday is after August 1st, the enrollment coordinator will assign a due date for that immunizations to be turned in. For further questions, please call (918) 366-1706.

  • I have a Pre-K student, what do I need to know?

    • Stay tuned into the Pre-K Enrollment Opening date.

    • Pre-K Students must be 4 years old by Sept. 1st.

    • In accordance with state law, transportation will not be provided for Pre-K students.

    • Pre-K enrollment is limited to a specific number of students. Placements are determined via lottery, then a wait list is established.

  • How old does my new Kindergartener need to be to enroll?

    • First-time public school Kindergarten students must be 5 by Sept. 1st

  • I am having trouble with PowerSchool Enrollment, who do I contact?

    • If you are having issues with the PowerSchool Enrollment program, such as if you have forgotten the unique username and password you created for online registration or if the username and/or password are not working, you must contact PowerSchool Enrollment for assistance: 866-434-6276 or visit

    • Please see our FAQ/Tutorial Page if you have additional questions or need specific assistance with setting up email, scanning documents, or using your smart device for uploading documents.