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Bridge the Gap is a grassroots movement founded to financially support Bixby Public Schools. This campaign was started by a group of parents that shared a vision to help our school district during the financial shortfall of the 2016-2017 school year. These revenue failures tasked our district with the impossible decisions involved in making cuts to the tune of approximately $1.7 million dollars. BTG lessened this blow tremendously by providing additional funding and supplies directly to each and every Bixby classroom.

Our goal moving forward is to continue to address the gap between the amount of funding we receive from the state and the cost of meeting the academic needs of all students in a highly effective and comprehensive way. This means our work will never truly be done as there is always more we can do for our kids.

The Bridge the Gap Committee invites our entire Bixby community to volunteer to help with this movement! See links on the left for more information.


Q: Where exactly do BTG funds go?

A:  ALL Bridge the Gap proceeds will go directly to BPS. Any overhead expenses required of the BTG Committee are covered by donations for the specific purpose. No BTG donations to benefit the school shall be used for overhead expenses. 

Q: How are funds distributed to school sites?

A: With each BTG contribution to the district, a per pupil amount is calculated. Funds are then distributed to each site based on their student population, making student impact equitable across the district. From this point, site administrators work with teachers to determine the areas of highest need and how funds can be used to best impact students.

Q: When are the major events hosted by BTG?

A: The Sparta Gala (March) and the BTG Golf Tournament (June)

Q: How can I help BTG if I am unable to help monetarily?

A: We understand every financial situation is different. Please contact us at to volunteer at one of our fundraising events. Individuals are also encouraged to spread the word about the BTG campaign.

Q: Are any Bridge the Gap committee members paid employees?

A: No, all BTG members are parent volunteers and receive no payments for their time or services.

Q: Is BTG a non-profit organization?

A: Yes, BTG is a special committee of BEEF, the Bixby Educational Endowment Foundation which is a 501(c)3.

Q: Will the OK legislators continue to support public education if they see communities stepping in and filling the financial gap?

A: No, private funds to schools do not impact state funding allocations. Many schools have received private donations to support various programs and projects. Oklahoma elected officials have an Oklahoma Constitutional obligation to adequately fund public education. Private donations cannot be used in the calculation of the state’s obligation.

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