BEEF TEACHER Grant ApplicationS

Teachers are encouraged to request funds for projects which emphasize new approaches to teaching and develop innovative programs which stimulate thought and expand the existing curriculum. Each proposal must be typed with 4 hard copies submitted (please keep a copy for your files). Please place the grant application copies in a 9 X 12 manilla envelope marked with the teacher name, grant name and school.

Each proposal should address:

  • High priority need for the project
  • Specific goals and objectives for the project
  • Target population
  • Specific benefit to students
  • Budget justification for requested funds
  • Evaluation to determine effectiveness of the project

The BEEF Foundation’s goal is to fund projects for which the school district is not already responsible (ie supplies and consumables). Projects that expand, rather than augment, current curriculum and impact a high number of students are a priority. Grant proposals are considered once annually.

Teachers may work as a team and apply for a single grant, multi-teacher grant, or submit a grant for the individual classroom. Attachments are limited to 5 pages and may include evaluation instruments, brochures and/or equipment descriptions. No other external attachments may be submitted. Grant authors should remember that grant readers may not be educators, and should write accordingly. Grant recipients will be responsible for all financial records related to their project, and will be required to provide a detailed project summary report within one year of the grant award.

2020 Grant Proposal Guidelines

All proposals are required to follow the established process for submission:

  • Applicants should schedule an appointment with the site principal to discuss the grant and insure appropriateness and continuity within the building.
  • All completed proposals, plus 4 copies, must be signed by the site principal and submitted to the superintendent for his signature by November 2, 2020.
  • The superintendent will forward the applications to the Grant and Allocations Committee chairperson, who will remove all cover sheets and submit the proposals to the Allocations Committee for review.
  • Once the Allocations Committee reviews and evaluates all proposals, a question and answer session will be conducted with each principal to further assist the committee in the ranking of the applications.
  • The Allocations Committee will recommend proposal funding to the BEEF Foundation Board of Directors for final discussion and approval.
  • The Foundation Board of Directors will identify proposal authors and notify principals and teachers of grants funded.
  • The Grant Summary will be due May 7, 2021.

If submitting more than one grant, please rank them in order of importance.