The Lexile Framework is a scale that measures both the complexity of reading material and the reading skill of the student.The Lexile level of a text indicates the text complexity of the selection: sentence and paragraph complexity as well as vocabulary complexity.The Lexile level of a reader indicates the ability of the reader to understand what is being read. Using a student’s Lexile range helps the reader choose a book that is challenging, but not too difficult.

Lexile levels range from BR (Beginning Reader) to 2000.A student’s Lexile range is 50L above the student’s Lexile level and 100L below the Lexile level. For example, if a student’s Lexile level is 900L, the student’s Lexile range is 800L to 950L.A student who chooses a book at his/her Lexile level is predicted to comprehend 75% of the selection, which means that the student will be able to comprehend enough of the text to understand the book and also experience reading challenges which result in growth. It is okay for a student to choose a book from time to time outside of the student’s Lexile range. If the book is above the student’s Lexile range the student may need additional support to read the text.

Lexile levels do not address the content or quality of a book. Lexile levels only address text difficulty. Please help your student choose books within the Lexile range that are age and grade appropriate.



The Quantile Framework uses a developmental scale to measure a student’s mathematical ability with specific math concepts and skills. The student’s Quantile level indicates the skills and concepts the student already knows and the skills the student is ready to learn. Quantile levels range from EM (Emerging Mathematician) to above 1600Q.To maximize learning the student should practice math skills within 50Q above and 50Q below the student’s Quantile level.

Almost 500 math skills and concepts are identified within the Quantile Framework. These skills and concepts have a measure attached to them which shows how difficult one concept is in relation to other concepts and the skills that are prerequisite for the concept.


MetaMetrics, Inc. provides Quantile resources for parents: