Bixby Public Schools uses PowerSchool Registration, an online process for new and returning student registration.

A new student is defined as new to Bixby Public Schools and having never enrolled or attended a school in Bixby Public Schools.

Please read through our frequently asked questions carefully for important information and helpful tips about our new online registration process.


  • How to Scan Documents @ the Enrollment Center: PDF or Video

  • How to Use a Smart Device Camera and Email Documents: PDF or Video


What do I need to complete the online registration process?

  • Enrollment can be completed from any electronic device including a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or pc.

  • Scanner or smartphone camera (to save documents)

  • Email Address

What if I do not have the above items or need assistance registering online? The following locations have public internet computers:

  • BPS Enrollment Center

  • Bixby Public Library

  • If you have a device, but need Wi-Fi access for your device, you may want to visit public locations with free Wi-Fi, such as local restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

What information is needed to complete the online registration process?
To save time and prevent any mistakes while during your online registration, please make sure you have all of your required information at hand before you begin the process. 

Should I create a PowerSchool account?
You will have to create a PowerSchool account to complete the enrollment process. The account will allow you to securely save your information and access it later if necessary. Your email address can be utilized to create the account. 

Do I need more than one PowerSchool account if I have more than one child?
No. If you are registering more than one child, you can utilize the same PowerSchool account. 

What if I have more than one child enrolling?
Each child will have to be registered through the online process. After completing registration for one child, a parent can simply click a link to begin registration for a second child. 

Do I have to answer all questions in the online registration application?
Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) require a response, and the process is not complete until those questions are answered. 

What if I make a mistake?
If you would like to make a change during the online registration process, click on the underlined field on the review page, or click “< Prev>” to return to a previous page. If you need to make changes after you submit the application, you will have to visit your child’s school to do so.

How long will it take to complete online registration?
If there are no special circumstances, it should take no more than 20 minutes to complete online registration for each child.

I'm having trouble using the online registration system. Who should I contact for help?
If you are having difficulty getting online (Internet access), website access, difficulty understanding the application, answering questions, you need computer access or you do not understand how to use the registration portal, you may contact the BPS Enrollment Center at (918) 366-2340.

I have completed the online registration process. What is next?
Once all information has been entered for the student with an electronic signature, click “Submit.” A preview page will appear to review information entered for each page letting the parent know if any required fields are missing. There will be a 'Registration Confirmation Receipt' available after you submit the enrollment. You can print or download for your records.