Board Members 

Amanda Stephens
Position: President     Seat Number: 2
E-Mail: astephens@bixbyps.org
Phone: 713.677.1831
Term Expires: 2022     Election: Feb-2022
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Julie Prox
Position: Vice President     Seat Number: 1
E-Mail: jprox@bixbyps.org
Phone: 918.809.5783
Term Expires: 2021 Election: Feb-2021
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Matt Dotson
Position: Clerk     Seat Number: 3
E-Mail: mdotson@bixbyps.org
Phone: 918.266.7158
Term Expires: 2023 Election: Feb-2023
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Justin Cheatham
Position: Member     Seat Number: 4
E-Mail: jcheatham@bixbyps.org
Phone: 918.366.2200
Term Expires: 2019     Election: Feb-2024
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Lisa Kramer
Position: Member     Seat Number: 5
E-Mail: lisakramer@cox.net
Phone: 918.366.4811
Term Expires: 2020     Election: Feb-2020
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Board Meetings 

Meeting Times and Location: 6:00 p.m. in the BPS Administration Building at 109 North Armstrong, Bixby, OK 74008 unless otherwise indicated in the board agenda.


January 16 July 16
February 13 August 13
March 12 September 10
April 9 October 8
May 14 November 12
June 11 December 10