Upon entering the school property from 121st turning right: there is only ONE turn lane into the school drive. Please do not turn in from the driving lane. Please keep vehicle on the pavement; do not drive through the grass.

 At the school drive entrance, the lane will split into three:

1.       Red line is for cars dropping off/picking up Elementary ONLY students.

2.      White line is for cars dropping off/picking up Elementary AND Intermediate students.

3.       Blue line is for cars with Intermediate students only.

The Red Line will form 2 separate lanes once in the parking area. This was developed to accommodate a greater number of cars and get traffic off 121st. Proceed to the merge area (please pull as far forward as possible before the zipper merge), and take turns merging into one lane. Do not merge before you reach the very end of the red line double lane zone/zipper merge area.

Drop-Off: students can unload anywhere along the sidewalk/covered walkway areas or curve.

·         Pull your car as far forward as possible before unloading. Please be sure your child is ready to unload when the vehicle comes to a stop.

·         Children should exit the car on the curb side only.

·         If your child requires assistance with a car seat, etc., please park and walk your child up to the cafeteria doors.

·         Continue to follow the red arrows around the retention oval area to exit the drive. Please do not turn into the bus lane to exit. This is an entrance only drive for school and daycare buses only.

·         The designated area for parents to park and walk children up to the building is the main entrance/cafeteria doors. Students should not enter by the gym unless they exited a car in the red line drop-off.

·         If you wish to park and walk your child up to the building, park in the east parking lot and walk across the car line at the attended crosswalk only.

·         Students should never be allowed to cross in front of traffic without an adult.

Pick-Up: Students will not be released to anyone in car line without the proper security number (parent hang tag).

·         Proceed to the colored cones. This is our student loading zone.

·         If your child requires assistance getting into a car seat, seat belt, etc., please pull forward past the first cone to assist your child.


Your line “color” will remain the same every day, for the whole school year (ex: your Intermediate child is out ill, you will still use the white lane to bring/pick up your Elementary student).

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