NCAA Initial Eligibility for Student Athletes

  • Juniors and Seniors planning to participte in college athletics should register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center( formerly the NCAA Clearinghouse).
  • It is important that you register under the same name you use with ACT and which appears on your official transcript. NCAA makes no attempt to cross-reference.
  • Students need to let his/her counselor know of this intent, so the counselor can help the student keep track of courses.
  • There are different requirements for Division I and Division II eligibility. If a student is unsure of the college he/she plans to attend, it is best to meet the more stringent Division I requirements.
  • It is the student's responsibility to make sure he/she is taking approved courses and is meeting the NCAA requirements. Counselors and the registrar are available for assistance and to answer questions, but NCAA places the responsibilty on the student.
  • After registering with the initial eligiblity center, students need to print, sign, and return the "Transcript Release Authorization Form" to the registrar so she may submit your transcript.

Click here to access the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center.

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