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Kelley Rampey, M.Ed.

College & Career Readiness Coordinator

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College and Career Readiness for post-secondary education and training is essential for the students' success after high school. Bixby offers many opportunities for students to explore careers and post-secondary institutions through our College and Career Fairs, Career Talks, Post-Secondary Tours, Internship Programs, Spartan Career Prep, and guidance with the completion of an Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP) through OkCollegeStart.

In the Fall of 2023, Bixby introduced SpartanU - a district-wide initiative aimed at supporting families in helping students chart their college and career pathway through grades 9-12. SpartanU is not just a program;; it is a commitment designed to increase students access to post-secondary education and employment opportunities.

What is ICAP?

Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP)

The Individual Career Academic Plan is a “roadmap” that will guide students through  coursework and activities that will help individuals achieve personal career goals.  ICAP is an ongoing, collaborative effort that ensures ALL students have opportunities for success after high school.  With the support of adults, students develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills to create their own meaningful and powerful pathways to be career and college ready.  Students, families, and educators must all be involved in the process to make certain students have meaningful real-world learning experiences.  Through collaborative efforts, we feel confident Bixby students can go on to have fulfilling and successful careers. 

Bixby High School students are completing ICAP activities through the OKCollegeStart platform.

Upcoming Events & College Visits


Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways that parents and businesses can be involved in upcoming ICAP activities or events that include:

  • Mock Interviews

  • Career Fair

  • Career Talk

  • JA Finance Park

  • Internship Partnerships

Contact Ms. Rampey if interested.

Internships & Opportunities for Local Businesses

Internships: This is an introductory work experience in a professional career field that is available for juniors and seniors.  The purpose of an internship is to gain experience and insight into a certain field while also performing some functional work in exchange for experience.  Internships offer elective credit towards graduation and on-the-job training in a career that aligns with students’ goals.  Students who are eligible for internships, must be in good academic standing, have good attendance, and must have their own mode of transportation.  

Businesses: Bixby High School is looking to partner with businesses who are willing to provide job shadow programs, internship opportunities (paid or unpaid), and/or volunteer for upcoming events. Please reach out to Ms. Rampey at if you are interested in the upcoming Career Fair or want to visit about future opportunities.

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