RENTAL RATES AND CHARGES (Non-School Sponsored Events): 

Fees listed are "Base Fees" for building use. Other fees may apply. For detailed fee information, please contact the individual specified on the facility use form for the building/area you are requesting.

Spartan Stadium $10.00 - $300.00per activity N/A
H.S. Field House $10.00 - $80.00 per hour $30.00 - $240.00
Gymnasiums (all schools) $10.00 - $40.00 per hour $30.00 - $120.00
H.S. Auditorium $40.00 per hour $120.00
H.S. Auditorium practice $25.00 per hour $75.00
Classroom $10.00 per hour N/A
Cafeteria (exclude kitchen) $35.00 per hour $105.00
*Kitchen Facility $150.00 per activity N/A
Multi-purpose Building $40.00 per hour $120.00
Tennis Facility $12.50 per hour/court n/a
Baseball/Softball (indoor) $45.00 per hour/cage n/a
Soccer/Track $100 $300.00
*Swimming Pool (excludes lifeguard) $32.00 per hour $96.00
Lifeguard (certified) (25 swimmers/lifeguard) $12.00 per hour $36.00
Custodial Fee (per custodian) $30.00 per hour
Facility Supervision Fee $30.00 per hour

  • Kitchen Facility - The use of kitchen facilities may be arranged by payment of an additional fee of $150.00 for the use of equipment that includes the presence of the head cook.
  • Swimming Pool 
  • No Show, will be charged $30.00 with remaining amount refunded.
  • One week notice in advance for a full refund.
  • There may be other “Birthday Parties” at the same time, but a maximum of two parties at one time.

If Rental Fees Apply, you will receive the rental contract via email after your request has been processed.