1:1 Initiative  

1:1 simply refers to providing a technology learning device for each student.  Because of its great durability and versatility, Bixby Public Schools has selected a Chromebook as the device to check out to students. The 2020-2021 school year will usher in our 4th year of a 1:1 Initiative, and all 7th-12th grade students will have a personal Chromebook checked out to them for academic use at school and at home. For more information about the 1:1 Initiative Timeline, click on the 1:1 Implementation Timeline link to the left. 

Required Paperwork

In order to receive a device, students and parents/guardians must have completed an Insurance Selection Form and an Acceptable Use form.  These forms may be filled out online.  Click on the Required Forms link to the left for more information.  From that link, you may also access the entire Bixby Public Schools 1:1 Chromebook Policy and Procedure Guide.

Internet Filter

All devices are protected by an Internet filter, whether in use at school or off-campus.  For more information about our filter, Securly, click on the Securly link to the left.


Canvas is a learning management system where students can access assignments and all grades.  Daily grades will not be stored in PowerSchool for secondary students.  Parents will need a Canvas Parent Account to view grades.  For more information about how to create a Canvas Parent Account, click on the Canvas link to the left.


Click on the FAQ link to the left for answers to frequently asked questions.  You may also email Cheryl Wilkinson at cwilkinson@bixbyps.org with additional questions.