Thrillshare is a dynamic interface that streamlines all our district communication tools. With Thrillshare, you will be able to update all dynamic content on your site homepage, facebook, twitter, notifications to our mobile app, text/sms messages, and phone messages.

Thrillshare: PDF

Thrillshare Screencasts:

  1.  Introduction to Thrillshare
  2.  Account and Profile
  3.  Connecting Social Media
  4.  Live Feed
  5.  News
  6.  Events
  7.  Staff
  8.  Documents
  9.  Bulletin Board
  10.  Gallery

Thrillshare Content Management System (CMS) Screencasts:

  1.  Intro to Thrillshare CMS
  2. Adding and Editing Content in Thrillshare CMS

Thrillshare Mobile Application Screencast:

  1.  Updating Dynamic Content and Sending Notification via Mobile Devices

Sending Alerts:

  1. Sending a Voice Call
  2. Sending an Email
  3. Create a Custom List