Board Members 

Amanda Stephens
Position: President     Seat Number: 2
E-Mail: astephens@bixbyps.org
Phone: 713.677.1831
Term Expires: 2022     Election: Feb-2022
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Julie Prox
Position: Vice President     Seat Number: 1
E-Mail: jprox@bixbyps.org
Phone: 918.809.5783
Term Expires: 2021 Election: Feb-2021
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Matt Dotson
Position: Clerk     Seat Number: 3
E-Mail: mdotson@bixbyps.org
Phone: 918.266.7158
Term Expires: 2023 Election: Feb-2023
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Justin Cheatham
Position: Member     Seat Number: 4
E-Mail: jcheatham@bixbyps.org
Phone: 918.366.2200
Term Expires: 2019     Election: Feb-2024
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Lisa Kramer
Position: Member     Seat Number: 5
E-Mail: lisakramer@cox.net
Phone: 918.366.4811
Term Expires: 2020     Election: Feb-2020
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Board Meetings 

Meeting Times and Location: 6:00 p.m. in the BPS Administration Building at 109 North Armstrong, Bixby, OK 74008 unless otherwise indicated in the board agenda.


January 17 July 18
February 14 August 8
March 14 September 12
April 11 October 10
May 16 November 14
June 13 December 12