Students must read 3 or more of these books to vote in March!

The Sequoyah Book Award Program encourages the students of Oklahoma to read books of literary quality. Students who have read or listened to at least 3 titles from the Masterlist are eligible to vote for the Children's Sequoyah Book Award.

With this award, Oklahoma honors the Native American leader Sequoyah, for his unique achievement in creating the Cherokee syllabary. Sequoyah chose eighty-five symbols to represent all spoken sounds of the Cherokee language. In so doing, he created a way to preserve his people's language and culture.

The books on the Sequoyah Masterlist are selected by the Sequoyah Reading Teams. Criteria for selections include: published 3 years prior to the award date, author lives in the United States, originality, literary quality, interest, appeal, and developmentally appropriate for the age level.

Winners are announced in April and the winning author is invited to an award presentation at the Oklahoma Library Association's Annual conference.

The first Sequoyah Children's Book Award was given in April, 1959, making the award the third oldest children's choice award in the nation.

The Oklahoma Library Association honors Sequoyah for his unique achievement in creating the Cherokee syllabary, the 86 symbols representing the different sounds in the Cherokee language.