Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

The drop off procedures will be new this year.  

Morning drop off will remain consist of two loops. See video for more details.

  • Please be courteous of other parents and drop off quickly.
  • Please pull up as far as possible in the loop to allow others to pull in behind you.
  • The driver should always remain in the vehicle.
  • Please always have your child exit from the PASSENGER SIDE of your vehicle.
  • Pre K parents must park in the east parking lot and walk their children into the building.

After-school pick up will take place in loops A and B.

  • Parents are assigned to these loops based upon their housing addition.
  • All parents must have their security numbers and remain in their vehicles to pick up students.
  • Those without a number must go to the office and show their driver’s license.

Those parents who wish to walk up to receive their children may do so in the gym.

  • A security number is required.
  • Parents will be allowed into the building approximately ten at a time.
  • Parents choosing to pick up in the gym must also have their security numbers.

Please remember to attach the small number card to your child’s backpack so your number and theirs can be matched. Numbers will also be required to pick up morning pre K students during the mid-day.

Please remember that picking your child up early must happen before 3:35pm.