Bixby Virtual School

Serving grades K-12

Bixby High School
601 South Riverview
Bixby, OK 74008

Lab Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30 - 4:00
Friday 7:30 - 3:00 

Bixby Virtual School offers students an array of online courses through Edgenuity. This online program has created an inviting, interactive learning environment to help students achieve academic success and recover credits needed for a timely graduation.

Students interested in full or part time online classes must visit with their counselor for the enrollment procedures. Students will be only be allowed to switch into an online class the first 15 school days of the semester.

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NCAA Approved Online Courses

Actual Grade

This is the overall grade adjusted for progress if a student is behind and is the grade used for weekly eligibility purposes. This score doesn't assume zeros for uncompleted work; simply penalizes for falling behind. Assigning zeros could swing a grade dramatically depending on the weight of the uncompleted activities.

This metric incorporates a penalty for a student being behind their target. It makes use of a ratio that represents the student’s actual progress divided by his target progress. In order for this metric to populate, a student's course must have a start date and target date assigned. Some teachers use this for progress reports, while others may use this year-round.

This grade will never be higher than the overall grade when students are working ahead.


  • shows the impact of pacing on the student's course grade.

Example - If a student is 40% of the way through the course but should be 50% of the way through the course, his Progress Ratio is 40/50, or 0.8. The student’s Actual Grade is the product of the Overall Grade and the Progress Ratio. This would be the Overall Grade times 0.8.